The best learning among preschoolers is happening through YouTube!

The best learning among preschoolers is happening through YouTube!

The best learning among preschoolers is happening through YouTube!

Yes, you read that right. The world is warning parents about the ill effects of screen time. But the fact remains that no one can underestimate the effective learning that happens when preschoolers are exposed to well-curated content! Isn’t it?

So, the answer is, that anything within limits does not harm. Similarly exposing your child to limited screen time will enable them to learn new concepts interestingly. The world is technology-oriented and conditioning your child to use the internet within beneficial limits is the only way forward. Training them young is a profitable endeavor.

If you are worried about what your child is watching, subscribe to good children’s channels and receive notifications about new uploads. YouTube has also introduced parental control features to ensure your child watches age-appropriate content.  YouTube Kids is exclusively for kids and safe for them to explore.

We all want some entertainment and relaxation; kids are no different. So why not let them sit back and watch interesting videos. In the bargain, they will end up learning so much more. You will be surprised.

Among the many YouTube Channels, I came across Purple Turtle Club and Purple Turtle Hindi Channel which are gaining viewers. Developed by Aadarsh Technosoft Pvt Ltd a growing EdTech company.

The YouTube channels are developed along the lines of Edutainment - providing Education and Entertainment at the same time. The channel has stories, rhymes, mathematics, environmental studies, phonics, and early learning videos all taught through interactive methods.

The stories are about the adventures of Purple Turtle and his friends discovering the wonders of life while the lesson videos are interactive learning sessions and revisions of all early learning concepts that a child needs to know from age 2.5 years to 6 years.

What makes Purple Turtle YouTube channel worth watching?

  • Engagement: - Most teachers and parents will bear witness that it’s a task to keep preschoolers hooked on something. Purple Turtle with his simple narration and colourful animation keeps children interested.
  • Content value: - Well researched and developed keeping in mind child development and brain stimulation, the stories and lessons videos will increase your child's awareness, memory, and rational thinking which are the building blocks of an intelligent personality.
  • All-In-One- It’s a task to filter through various videos to look for interesting ones for your child to watch. Purple Turtle covers all early learning topics along with entertainment so you need not click on different channels and it prevents your child from scanning the device and coming across inappropriate content.
  • Monotony – The videos are scientifically developed and therefore understand the attention span of younger children. The videos are divided into stories, lessons, sing-song sessions, and much more to keep children occupied.