Sr. Secondary Classes (XI & XII)

Streame Subject Code Subject Name 
Science 301 English Core
041 Mathematics
042 Physics
043 Chemistry
083 Computer Science (New)
048 Physical Education
  Atal Tinkering Lab


Streame Subject Code Subject Name 
Commerce 301 English Core
055 Accountancy
054 Business Studies
030 Economics
048 Physical Education
  Atal Tinkering Lab


Streame Subject Code Subject Name 
Humanities 301 English Language (Core)
027 History
028 Political Science
039 Sociology
048 Physical Education
  Atal Tinkering Lab

Secondary Classes (IX & X)

Curriculum Includes
Languages English, Hindi/Sanskrit (English Compulsary, other optional)
Main Subjects Mathematics, Science, Social Science
Internal Subject Work Experience, Health & Physical Education, General Studies
Co-curricular Activities Computer Education, Atal Tinkering Lab, Art & Craft, Music, Dancing, Clay Modeling, Stitching etc. 

Middle Classes (VI to VII)

Curriculum Includes
1 English
2 Hindi
3 Sanskrit
4 Mathematics
5 General Science
6 Social Science
7 Art Education (Painting & Drawing)
8 Work Experience
9 Games, Health & Physical Education
10 Moral Science & Value Education
11 Computer Education
12 Music 
13  Atal Tinkering Lab


Curriculum Includes 
2 Hindi
3 Mathematics
5 G.K., Moral Science & Value Education
6 Compuer Education
7 Art Education (Painting, Coloring, Drawing)
8 Games, Health & Physical Education
  9   Music 


Pre Primary Classes (KG I & KG II)


Curriculum Include
Languages English & Hindi
Main Subjects Mathematics, EVS
Other Subjects G.K., Moral Science
Speaking and Learning Oral, Reading & Recitation.
Co-curricular Activities Computer Education,  Music, Dancing, Stitching etc. 
Health & Physical Education Games, Ball Activities (Throwing Catching)
Arts & Crafts Drawing, Coloring, Painting, Clay Modeling etc.