Dear Students,

I am thoroughly pleased to welcome you all to Career Public School, affiliated with CBSE. It is our constant endeavor to improve academic standards, year after year.
You are a part of a vibrant and eco-friendly learning community committed to providing the best possible educational experiences to every child. Along with this, we also strive to add valuable contributions towards turning our KORBA into a “GREEN n CLEAN” place through our program the “Green Korba Cluster” which aims at planting more trees. This will benefit not just us but our future generations.
While we work towards a bright, successful future, do invest in your health too. A disciplined life is the key to good health. And as our ancestors said, “Health is wealth”. You cannot sustain your success with poor health. Good stamina, sharper memory, the ability to tackle stress, and consistency are needed to succeed in life. Follow a routine daily of sleeping on time, waking up on time, and eating a well-balanced diet. Make sure you play some sport or be active for an hour daily. A sedentary lifestyle is leading to most of today’s health problems. A healthy body and well-rested mind will in turn help you deal with stress.
Every flower blooms at a different time, and you will all attain success in your own time. Work hard and do not get overly stressed or disheartened. The aim is to not give up and keep striving.

My Good wishes to all the children with lots of love and affection, Thank you.
Career Public School


Career Public School, Korba